Why Hire Us?

Why Hire Us?

Hello and congratulations on your engagement! Now the fun part begins- the planning!

Close your eyes and imagine… The twinkling lights, the smell of fresh Eucalyptus and white china gleaming next to chilled champagne bottles on every table. You have a photobooth with a neon sign of your new last name… wait, no you want a floral backdrop, no wait, tulle and globe lights? Oh man... Why is the DJ playing Earth Wind and Fire right now, shouldn’t it be Frank Sinatra for the cocktail hour?? OH NO. Aunt Sally is flirting with the DJ. Where’s my MOH? Does the photographer have the shot list already? Why are there groomsmen not dressed yet? How is my grandmother supposed to get to her seat with her walker with all these lanterns on the aisle? … Ok, I need help!

Enter (da-da-da-DA!) your wedding coordinator. She is YOU with a cape. Everything you dream up; she executes into existence. From the day you say YES, to the day you say I DO, she is there for you. Your worries fade away. Months pass, and the planning is fun again! The journey is just as thrilling as the day of, and then it comes- The BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. How is it nothing went wrong?! Or did it? Maybe… but she handles everything with grace, and poise and she still fades into the background like a wedding ninja. She has become your closest ally, a confidant and friend, and you realize you couldn’t have done any of this without her. At Steele Oaks, Chantal Steele helps you dream, and execute the event that is uniquely you. With plenty of planning options you can choose from simple day of coordination, to walking side by side to create your perfect, fairytale day. 

All you need is Love, Chantal

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