Invitation Trends For 2020/2021

Invitation Trends For 2020/2021
Invitations are such an important piece to your big day because they take place through the entire wedding/event planning process. One of my favorite parts of a wedding is the event stationery items. Every year, styles, colors, and preferences change and evolve a bit, but some trends stick around. I’m excited to share wedding invitation trends for 2020. If you are struggling to find your invitation style, take a look at the following invitation trends that will make your big day stand out!
Invitation Trends For 2020/2021
One of my favorite wedding invitations trends for 2020 is the mismatched invitations suites! The mixture of different papers and different letter styling is such a fun way to bring a unique look. When thinking of your invitation, think of it like you’re decorating a room. Don’t be afraid to use multiple colors! This suite is the ultimate mix and match: a white simple background invitation with light blue lettering, rsvp card using a beige recycled paper with gray lettering, and mismatched colored envelopes. Give your suite some personality!
Tips on Mix & Match Invitations: Always make sure you use fonts that are in the same family (or similar). You want your suites to be mismatched but also flow at the same time. Have a design element in your suites. Come up with one design, like a flower, and position the design differently in your rsvp, envelope, and general invitation. This will not only make your suite look cohesive, but will also make it look unique. On a budget? This trend is up your alley. Want good quality paper, but want to save some money for the big day? Use your own cardstock that you purchased from a craft store. There are many ways to be cost-effective with this trend!
Invitation Trends For 2020/2021
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Watercolors are becoming more popular because of the different color hues that give off a romantic feel. There is a touch of softness and peace that is achieved when using watercolors. This soft painting style tells a story for every couple. Watercolor invitations are perfect for a variety of wedding themes. When it comes to picking your invitation suite, think of your venue and what colors will flow with your special day.
Invitation Trends For 2020/2021
Looking for something bold and retro? Envelope Liners are a hit this year because of how different they are. What’s an envelope liner, you ask? You can find it on top of the interior part of the envelope. (It’s that pretty part that holds all your paper goods together. Giving your invitation suite a pop of color or unique design can upgrade your paper goods. The first part of your invitation suite that your guests see is the envelopes, so make it stand out. If you’re looking for a way to make a bold statement on a light color invitation suite, think about using a floral design—a dusty rose, light green, and purple color combinations. Check out these awesome examples of Envelope Liners—Smitten on Paper.
Invitation Trends For 2020/2021
Every couple wants to send out an amazing and unique invitation suite, but maybe it’s better to be simple. Less design and more white space! In 2020/2021 I am hoping to see couples/clients transition to something more minimalist and clean. The best thing about minimalist design is that the use of blank space is simple and straight forward. If you want a little pop to your minimalist invitation suite, upgrade to textured paper, add a wax seal, or use a colored background. Check out some minimalist designs here—Etsy.
Invitation Trends For 2020/2021
Gold Printing has always been a trend when it comes to the invitation suite, but in 2020/2021, we will be seeing it more often. The gold on the invitations not only is eye-catching, but it adds a luxurious feel. I know we’ll be seeing an appearance of gold printing this year, whether it be on plain simple white paper, or on bold color background. In the photo below, the gold printing on the green envelopes gives a modern yet elegant vibe.
Invitation Trends For 2020/2021
Pink, blush hues, dusty rose, mauve, whatever you want to call it has always been implemented in invitations suites. Two very common colors that look great with the mauve palette are a light green or a beige. The dusty rose color gives the suite a subtle but very pretty look. Wax seals and vellum go great with this color scheme because it gives the suite some texture. Whether you want a romantic feel with light rose floral designs or just the use of the blush color palette, we will be seeing an appearance of it in invitation suites this year!

Custom monograms are a great way of adding a personal touch while keeping your invitation suite simple and unique. Monograms are taking on a whole new look, with design elements that represent your big day. Keep your event stationery cohesive by not only having your suites having your monogram but your cocktail napkins and other stationery items too! Using a consistent monogram in your stationery items creates importance for the occasion, and conveys the bride and groom's personal style. There are a few different variations when it comes to monogramming—Single-letter Monogram, Two-letter Monogram, and 3 letters Blended Monogram. Before choosing which style to go with, see how your initials appear on the paper. Shop Monogram Invitation Suites—Basic Invite.

Invitation Trends For 2020/2021

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