Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner For Your Dream Wedding In Italy

Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner For Your Dream Wedding In Italy

Are you dreaming a destination wedding in Italy but are worried about the logistics of planning a wedding in a foreign country and not speaking Italian? Hiring a professional, local wedding planner can be the right solution for you.

Yes, you're right, sometimes it can be pricey but really worth it to relieve some of your stress and give you excellent recommendations! In fact, an experienced planner has good knowledge of Italy and the area where you’ll get married, know the rules, how to get permissions for a civil or religious ceremony, how to easily get to a certain place.

Moreover, the planner can suggest you where to have a good dinner, what to visit and do during your stay in order to have an amazing weekend with your wedding guests. Also, an expert wedding planner will have a list of good vendors that can recommend to make your big day special. This will mean less research for you and a save of time and energy: your planner can do the heavy behind-the-scenes work and suggest only vendors that are worth paying attention to.

For what concerns the financial aspect, a destination wedding planner can tell you if your estimated budget is realistic for the type of wedding you’re desiring, or give you some options that will work better for it.

Last but not least, the planner will always be available and ready to answer all your questions, exchange unlimited emails and have videocalls to know your wedding vision and make sure that everything will meet your expectations.

If you want to know how we can help you with your fairytale Italy wedding, send us an enquiry!

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