Why Every Bride Should Do A Boudoir Shoot

Why Every Bride Should Do A Boudoir Shoot
Getting married? Congratulations on one of the most exciting times of your life! But between all the cake samples and ring shopping, don’t forget to take some time for yourself.
As the bride-to-be, a boudoir shoot is the perfect way to capture a moment when your wedding agenda might feel more work than fun. The best part? It’s self care that keeps giving back. Here’s why booking a boudoir shoot is just about the greatest wedding gift you can give.
1. This One’s For You
An upcoming wedding is the perfect time to celebrate the uniquely beautiful y-o-u. You’re already getting that mani/pedi, so why not show it off with a little va-va-voom in a boudoir photoshoot? Tapping into the feminine arts has proven benefits to your mental health, relationships, and overall happiness in life. Give yourself confidence boost to slay on your wedding day and maybe even get to know a new foxy side of yourself. 
2. A Little Treat For Them 
You’ve found your special someone, now give them a gift that will make their heart pound and put that stupid-adorable grin on their face. A fine art boudoir album, is a perfect way to celebrate the spiciness of your relationship and a perfect keep sake of this super exciting time! And just think about how good you’ll feel, knowing you’ve won when it comes to wedding gifts.
Why Every Bride Should Do A Boudoir Shoot

3. Who Doesn’t Love An Excuse To Shop?

Let’s face it. Even if you don’t love to shop, you probably have friends who do. Grab your girls for a fun day of lingerie shopping and throw in a weekend lunch for good measure. Shopping with your faithful fan club is a great way to stretch your creative options, not to mention getting some great feedback from people who love you to pieces. Let's be real, your partner will not complain if you have a sexy wardrobe to show off after.

4. Explore Your Options

In a perfect world, picking out lingerie would be a class offered to every woman. But no matter how many Vogue magazines you read, you probably haven’t pinned down your favorite lingerie type yet. A boudoir photoshoot is the perfect time to show your radiance in whole new way. Whether you go for an off the shoulder sweater, thigh high boots, a jersey, or a garter belt and stocking look (or all of the above), this is the perfect opportunity to discover your ideal lingerie style.

5. Preserve Those Wedding Memories

As the saying goes, in 20 years you’ll regret what you didn’t do—not what you did. Commemorate this special time in your life by capturing the moment in a whole new way. Because you’re worth it. And when you look back, you’ll thank your past self that you made the investment.

XOXO Sarah Jo

Why Every Bride Should Do A Boudoir Shoot
Why Every Bride Should Do A Boudoir Shoot

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