Inspired By Antique Rome.

Inspired By Antique Rome.
he eternal city of Rome, its streets have seen a lot of historical events. This great city inspires and impresses us.
In this shoot, I wanted to show a combination of the ancient greatness of Rome and the beauty of a modern girl.
The place for shooting was an ancient antique park on the outskirts of Rome. These streets have seen a lot of historical events. And it was a great inspiration to walk and touch history.
I really wanted to show next to a modern girl and the antiquity of Rome. The beautiful girl Georgia was an ideal embodiment. She is Italian for many generations. At the same time he is interested in modern fashion and the history of photography.
One of the details of the shooting was a delightful historical ring. This ring is passed down from generation to generation in the Georgia family. And more recently, she received it from her grandmother. This ring is a great jewel because it carries the history of the whole race. It was an honor for me to touch this story and photograph the ring.
Designer dress light as a cloud. Very beautiful sleeves descending from the shoulder emphasized the idea of ​​shooting. The dress is made in whites and delicate beige and pink shades.
Floristics and all details were executed in beige and pink color to emphasize the beauty of the color of the walls of the ancient city.
The bouquet is made in beige and pink colors with the addition of fresh flowers and dry tree branches. The inspiration for this was the observation of Georgia. A young and fresh girl who lives in an ancient city with a great History.
For shooting time at sunset was chosen. The warm rays of the Italian sun hugged us and gave us a wonderful mood.
Each frame returns back to this warm day in Rome.
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