5 Ways To Use Your Wedding Photos After The Wedding

5 Ways To Use Your Wedding Photos After The Wedding
So your wedding day has come and gone, your honeymoon is over and your photographer just sent over your final gallery. WHEW! What a whirlwind!!! Chances are, this has been one of the best seasons of your life and you feel like it’s all over. But settling into this new season of newlywed bliss is one of the best and having your wedding photos to look back on makes it so much better! I remember getting my wedding photos back. It felt like I looked at them all day, every day! I just couldn’t believe how truly lucky I was and I wanted to think of every possible way to use my photos and share them with the world. Here are 5 ways I’ve found to use your wedding photos after the wedding!
5 Ways To Use Your Wedding Photos After The Wedding
01. Ask your photographer to make you an album!
Having your favorite wedding photos printed in a professional-grade album is just so special! There’s something about having an album laying on your coffee table or by your beside that you can grab and physically look through that brings you right back to your big day. Make sure you ask your photographer before or after your wedding if album design and printing is something they offer and add it onto your package! You won’t regret it!!
02. Print a few wall art pieces of the venue for your home!
Hanging a wedding photo in your home is pretty obvious, but picking out a beautiful image (or few!) of your wedding venue itself to hang on the walls of your home is a great way to subtly remember your wedding day and add beautiful art to your home at the same time!
03. Turn one into “thank you” cards!
Sending out thank you cards to your guests after the wedding day is customary, so why not make them pretty by adding one of your favorite photos on front?! Choosing a fun portrait of the two of you to turn into stationary is always a great idea!
04. Create a gallery wall in your home!
I know I said above that hanging photos in your home may be the most obvious use of your pictures, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it! Choosing a few of your favorite wedding images to turn into a beautifully crafted gallery wall in your home is a must and one that’s bound to wow everyone you welcome into your home for years to come.
05. Back up your photos in multiple spots!
I had the save the boring one for last, but the truth is… this is the most important!! Backing up your full wedding gallery is a MUST. Yes having an album and photos hanging in your home is special, but not as special as having every single digital photo saved (to multiple locations!!) so that your kids and their kids and their kids can all go back and see them someday!! I recommend saving them to 3 places:
USB: After each wedding, all of my clients receive a USB from me. It is recommended that you transfer your files to a new USB every 4-5 years.
External Hard Drive: Use a backup hard drive and make sure to replace your drive every 3-4 years. A drive with 1TB of space should be plenty of room for both your wedding photos and video if you are hiring a cinematographer.
Cloud-Based Storage: The best way to ensure the safety of your photos is to load all of them to a dropbox, iCloud, Flicker or another online storage provider. If you don’t do this, be extra diligent with steps 1 & 2.
5 Ways To Use Your Wedding Photos After The Wedding
And that’s it! Those are 5 ways I recommend you use your photos after your wedding day to get the most out of them!! I hope you found this helpful <3

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