Lauren + Cory's Yolanda Ranch Wedding

Lauren + Cory's Yolanda Ranch Wedding
Lauren is a nurse and Cory is a firefighter, and they make the perfect team!
Lauren was first caught checking Cory out at the gym. She tried to impress him with her brut strength during workouts but Cory doesn’t remember that. Cory says, “I just liked her.” Cory asked Lauren out to coffee in the gym parking lot soon thereafter. A few fun dates happened, but things didn’t get serious until a few years later when Cory dislodged his shoulder while snowboarding and Lauren had to pull his quite-fragrant snowboarding boot and sock off for him because his right arm was entirely out of the socket. Fast forward a few dates after this bonding moment and Lauren quickly evened the playing field with things like dropping Cory’s phone in the river while trying to take a selfie, accidentally skipping a rock into the back of his head, and stalling her car in his driveway with un-jumpable batteries. All this to say, Cory has learned a lot about unconditional love and says Lauren’s “goofiness” is one of his favorite things about her. Lauren would say loving Cory has been so easy and she knows his constant patience and kindness is undeserved. He is the picture selfless love. Cory challenges Lauren to grow, unlike anyone else.
Cory proposed in Hawaii in April at the end of a strenuous hike. Lauren’s family was there and did a great job keeping the secret and capturing the shock on Lauren’s face when Cory got down on one knee. The whole day was beyond her wildest dreams.
Cory had Lauren convinced there was no chance he had enough money for a ring, even though he had been behind the scenes for a few months working with a few of Lauren’s friends to determine her perfect ring. And perfect it was!
Lauren and Cory have a lot in common such as a shared love for their dogs, exercising, watching sports, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. But they also differ in many ways such as sleeping in, being on time, Raiders vs. Broncos, having feelings…the list goes on. But this is the only reason they are perfect for each other. They accept those differences and choose to grow from them and refine them to make their other half better.
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