How To Find Your Wedding Calligrapher

How To Find Your Wedding Calligrapher
Searching for your wedding vendors can be overwhelming at times. That’s why I have teamed up with some amazing local wedding professionals to bring you tips and tricks for finding the perfect wedding vendors for you!
Jess of The Letter J Creates has been offering calligraphy services for 4 years. Below she shares tips for finding your perfect wedding calligrapher.
How To Find Your Wedding Calligrapher
How To Find Your Wedding Calligrapher


Budget is one of the first things you should set when searching for calligraphy services. Services can range widely based on what you need. For example, envelope calligraphy can start at $2 and go up to $6, just for the front address, depending on the Calligrapher’s experience and level of expertise. 
Calligraphy can be a long process from practicing, proofreading, erasing lines, ink issues, hand cramps and drying time. So it’s not a surprise that it takes time. It takes me approximately 5-7 minutes to finish one envelope and that amount of time can add up with 100 envelopes in an order. I also can only write for so long before my hand starts to cramp and I need to take a break. 
Before you contact a Calligrapher, take a look at their work. This will give you an idea of their style and the tools they use. Most Calligraphers offer a variety of fonts and styles for you to choose from but will rarely be able to “match” fonts. The look and feel of a Calligrapher’s work should connect with you as well as fit the occasion of your event. For instance, you have options when it comes to calligraphy. There’s traditional pen and ink and brush lettering with a brush pen. While there are endless options, these two are the most common. Both are beautiful but have obvious differences and prices. 

How To Find Your Wedding Calligrapher
For example, I have a more modern, less traditional style. 
If you're not sure about what style you'd prefer, head over to Instagram or Pinterest to get inspired. Hashtags will show you a wide variety of active Calligraphers. This is a perfect time to determine whether you would like a local Calligrapher or not. Consider taking a look at your local Calligrapher’s first since it can take a lot of stress out of the equation like the post office. Give these a try: 
#weddingcalligrapher #chicagocalligrapher (#[YourCity]calligrapher) #weddingcalligraphy #weddinginvitations
If you’d like to find more specific inspiration, try these hashtags:
#weddingsignage #calligraphybackdrop #ceremonycalligraphy #calligraphyseatingchart #calligraphyplacecards
How To Find Your Wedding Calligrapher
How To Find Your Wedding Calligrapher


For Calligraphers, it’s all about the details. Calligraphy can enhance your invitations and make your guests feel special. Your invitations are a special piece of mail and should be treated as such. At the end of the day, your guests are worth it and deserve that beautiful piece of mail! Very rarely do we receive mail that gives us such joy. In addition, incorporating calligraphy into any of your decor can be elegant and charm your guests. 

How To Find Your Wedding Calligrapher
How To Find Your Wedding Calligrapher


Something I can not say enough is, have a contract. Your Calligrapher should have a contract to send over. This is so important and will protect both of you when it comes to expectations, cancellations, payment schedule and more. There’s no project too small. 

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