Why Hire A Wedding Pet Care Company

Why Hire A Wedding Pet Care Company
Didn’t think it would be possible to include your best pup in your big day? Well, we are here to tell you that you can!
    You’ve picked the perfect wedding venue. Your dream dress. Flowers. Cake. And a wedding planner to organize everything for you. But something is missing… That big ball of fluff you love and care for every day isn’t with you at your wedding! That’s not right, they’re a part of the family, and they should be a part of your celebrations. However, on your big day, you’d prefer not to have one eye on Fido, worrying he’ll have an accident on the dance floor. And at some points during the big day, dogs just can’t be around, and you’ll need someone responsible to watch over them for you. That’s why your best pup needs wedding day pet care, an all-round service that encompasses so much more than a simple dog sitter.

    We genuinely understand that when planning a wedding, there are lots and lots of suppliers that need to be booked for your big day. And with every new one you add, you eat further into your budget. But some wedding suppliers are considered an investment, rather than a simple booking. And we view wedding pet care, a professional dog sitter service and doggie care as such. Because sure, you can ask family, or friends to look after your adorable fur baby. But what if your best pup turns into a nightmare hound, and simply cries, barks and pee’s through the duration of the day? Your friend, or family member is not going to be too pleased, and they missed out on your special day. For this reason, among many others, is why we started Furever Us wedding day pet care. And in this post we’d like to share how we can make your special day even more special, and how thankful you’ll be that you hired pet professionals for your wedding.

Why Do I Need to Hire a Professional Pet Sitter, or Dog Care for My Wedding Day? 

    Weddings are fun, fast rollercoaster rides of mixed up feelings and emotions. They are incredible to be a part of, and it is even more unbelievably special to be the marrying couple. But they can be stressful. A typical big day has a fairly tight schedule, and involves the organization of a lot of people, some of whom may have had one too many glasses of Champagne… Throw a couple of excited dogs into the mix, and your stress levels can go from 0-100 in no time. Professional wedding pet care can eliminate this stress immediately, and guarantee that you enjoy your big day, and can relax with your loved ones. Safe in the knowledge that your best pup is with their dog sitter, and they’re enjoying the wedding just as much as you! 

Pet Photography 

    You know the old saying, “never work with kids or animals”. And as anyone who’s tried to get their furry, and non-furry babies to pose for a photo will know, it’s not an easy task. But when you’ve gone to the bother of ‘inviting’ your dog to your wedding, you’ll want him or her to be involved in your wedding photography. This is another area where our experienced team can help you, and actually create the kind of shots that’ll go straight up above the fireplace. Not only can we put together a photoshoot for your pet before the big day, that you can use for save the dates, or a wedding website. But on the day we’ll make sure that your pooch is brushed, preened and wearing the appropriate outfit for the occasion. Working with the photographer, and their tight schedule, we’ll make sure that you all look fantastic together, and that your best pup is on his best behavior. 

Why Hire A Wedding Pet Care Company
Photo Credit: Renee Lamaire Renee Lemaire

Candid Photography of Your Big Day

    You will have hired a photographer for your big day, and maybe even a videographer too. But these individuals can not be everywhere, all at the same time. They will miss special moments, or not be able to capture some things from certain angles. That is why our wedding pet care team always captures extra footage of your big day. Candid, and posed photography of your family and friends not just interacting with your pet, but also sharing how your special day was from a different perspective. These shots often become invaluable to modern couples who are seeking not just the polished family photos, but also natural images of special moments that occur during the day. 

Why Hire A Wedding Pet Care Company
Why Hire A Wedding Pet Care Company
Photo Credit:Melissa Piontowski Melissa Piontowski

Enjoy Your Pet, Without Responsibility

    The main point of hiring pet care for your wedding, is gifting yourself the ability to enjoy your beloved pup, without feeling the pressure to take care of them for the day. You can watch them cutely walk down the aisle as your flower-dog, or have them included in your wedding photography. And once they’ve played their part in your big day, we can take them away to relax with us, or simply look after them somewhere calm at your venue. We’ll feed them, walk them and entertain them for you. Leaving you free to relax, and celebrate your most momentous of days. 

Why Hire A Wedding Pet Care Company
Photo Credit: Emily Prada Emily Prada

Furever Us Would Love to Be Your Wedding Pet Care Team 

    It would be an honor for us to become a part of your wedding, and take care of your beloved pet for the day, or even during your honeymoon! Our experienced wedding pet care team at Furever Us would be only to thrilled to be your dog sitter for the day, or provide Doggie Daycare before, during and after your big day. We have a wealth of useful, and fun services available that can help you, and your pet celebrate together, so why not check them out here.  And if you’d like to get in touch, or find out about pricing, please feel free to use our contact form. We are located in South Florida but travel nation wide.

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