Tips For Sparkler Send Off's

Tips For Sparkler Send Off's

A sparkler send off is a great way to celebrate an occasion! Not only is it a fun activity for guests, but it also makes for great photos. Here are some tips to make sure your sparkler send off is a success.

Tip #1-Check with your venue. Before you purchase sparklers, it’s important to check with your venue to see if they allow sparklers on the premises. Some venues have strict policies against sparklers due to safety concerns. Sparklers are banned in certain locations, and other venues are in high-risk areas where fireworks are limited.

Tips For Sparkler Send Off's

Tip #2-Plan ahead and purchase enough sparklers for all of your guests. Typically, only close friends and family remain until the end of the wedding reception. We recommend purchasing enough sparklers for 25% of the RSVP guests. For example, if you have a party of 200 people who have RSVP’d, I advise buying 50 sparklers. After everyone has a sparkler, if you discover there are any left over, give some of the guests two sparklers. They may hold one in each hand and have even more brilliant sparks in your photographs.

Tip #3-Make sure you have a designated area for the send off. Most venues have a designated area such as a walkway or set of stairs. At the end of your final walk-through, request that the wedding coordinator point out the send-off area. Examine the location and make sure there is enough room for guests to line up and yet prevent them from coming too close to you or each other.
Tips For Sparkler Send Off's

Tip #4-Choose the right length of sparkler. We recommend either  the 20 inch or 36" sparklers because they are easy enough to hold and provide enough burn time for a good send off.  The 20 inch sparklers burn for a minute and a half and last the perfect time for your wedding grand exit.The 3 minute 36" sparklers are the longest available and are designed for gatherings of 125 or more. The long burn time means you’ll have plenty of time to light all of the sparklers while also capturing beautiful posed photographs.

    We do not recommend the  10″ sparklers for wedding grand exits. The 25-30 second burn time prevents most of the sparklers from being lit simultaneously, resulting in limited picture possibilities

Tip #5-Not all sparklers are created equal! For a wedding sparkler send off, we recommend using sparklers that are easy to hold and have a long burn time. 20 inch sparklers and 36" sparklers  are both ideal lengths for grand wedding exits. Wire handle and metal core sparklers are the best type to use for a wedding sparkler send off. Other sparklers sold on the market, however, are made of wood and generate sparks as well as large embers when burned. The embers are what causes burns and holes in clothing. Only the sparkler component of wire sparklers burns, eliminating the chance of creating big embers.

When you’re planning your wedding sparkler send off, be sure to keep these tips in mind to ensure a beautiful and safe exit for you and your guests! Of course, here at Utah Sparklers we are more than happy to answer any questions and give guidance. Do not hesitate to email, call or text us. 
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