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I am an event and wedding planning/coordinator in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.  I offer three primary packages which can be customized to fit the needs and budget of the couple.  My goal is to help couples plan the wedding of their dreams with Tender Loving Care!

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Jeffrey A Osborne
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After 25 years of marriage my wife and I decided to renew our wedding vows. I wanted to give her the wedding I could not give her when we got married (December 8, 1992). Darla originally wanted a summer wedding but that did not happen.
I went to Lori Osborne of TLC Events & Weddings and asked if she could help me put together a vow renewal ceremony that would replicate a wedding. Lori said, “Let’s get started!”
As we went through the questionnaires and the details of what we wanted, Lori made it fun for both of us. Then it came time to make a change to the date – instead of December 8, I changed it to July 22 so as to give my wife her wish for a summer ceremony. Without fail, Lori stepped up and put together a plan to make this date happen.
At this point Darla had no idea what to expect. We used our church for the venue and Lori (along with her assistant, Rachel Feltner) completely transformed our small church into a place of elegance, from the setting in the sanctuary to the décor downstairs for the reception.
As Christians, we had specific feelings and emotions that we want to emphasize and Lori met every need that could be thought of. It is in my opinion that she met our needs, wants and desires for this ceremony from the color scheme to the renewal ceremony itself.
I want to thank TLC Events & Weddings for such an unforgettable event. As we left the church, we cried with tears of happiness for such a beautiful and elegant ceremony.
Jeffrey & Darla Osborne

Aug 03, 2017