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Sublime Luxury Weddings


Based in Lisbon, the City of Fado and Lights, Sublime Luxury Weddings are true connoisseurs of Portuguese culture. Our knowledge of the people, art, architecture, and cuisine is deeply rooted and multifaceted.  Our exceptional multi-day celebrations whisk you away to a world of unsurpassed beauty and sophistication featuring the delights and hidden gems of Portugal. From the Algarve‚Äôs sun-kissed beaches to the haunting lilt of traditional fado music, your experience is enriched with splendour and luxury.
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Our wedding was beyond our wildest dreams, every little detail was looked after - we had the most incredible team orchestrated by Sublime. We're so grateful to have had the Sublime team by our side right after we got engaged until the last day of our 3 day wedding! A very special "obrigado" to Carolina for making a 3 day destination wedding the smoothest thing ever! All our guests were amazed and felt welcomed. Carolina was always there for us from across the pond and she was so responsive, that it felt we were in Portugal throughout the entire planning! Our wedding day was truly unforgettable. We will treasure these special memories forever.

Jan 22, 2020