Pocketful Of Plans

Pocketful Of Plans


You just said (okay screamed) YES! 
You're so excited to get to work on making that secret Pinterest board you’ve been working on for several months turn to reality. But where to start? 
Let’s face it, a ring on your finger doesn’t magically turn you into a wedding planning expert. I have been professionally planning weddings and events for over 10 years. Pocketful of Plans really grew from planning my own wedding and experiencing how hard planning a wedding can be first hand. To put it simply, even with all my knowledge and experience working in events, planning my wedding was really HARD WORK! 
Between" YES" and "I DO" there are 5,523 decisions to be made and honestly no app or general checklist is going to guide you through them all. It’s time to choose expertise over confusing online guides that contain no real advice.Planning your wedding should not be an experience that you get through begrudgingly. You should enjoy your wedding for what it is: The experience of a lifetime.
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Tammy Eason
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Kaitlin is more than just a planner. She’s magic personified. She’s the positive and hardworking force you need when your venue cancels your wedding 2 months before the date and makes you start over in a new city with new vendors. She’s the support and encouragement you need when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed at the long list of “to dos” still waiting. She’s the person you will rely on most, and one you can count on to handle that pressure and help relieve it. Kaitlin takes as much off your plate as she can, making sure to check in and provide updates as she works. She has so many good ideas and a real understanding of what it takes to make visions come to life. There were a lot of moments when I thought “there’s no way this can be done,” and then I mentioned an idea or request to Kaitlin and she made it happen. Kaitlin is who you need — bottom line. She’s also who you WANT for your event. When we first looked for a planner, I had a different (and incorrect) impression of what they would help with and be like; I thought it would be someone I’d hear from a handful of times, who would send me a list of vendors and then disappear. That’s not Kaitlin. Kaitlin not only knew amazing vendors off the bat for what we wanted, but explained why she recommended each one, stayed in touch with them about contracts and changes to our wedding plans, and connected with them before and during the wedding so that we didn’t have to worry about absolutely anything. Kaitlin was on numerous calls with our venue to make sure we asked the right questions and made the day-of coordination easier. Kaitlin also provided a constant stream of inspiration and ideas for our wedding, reminded us to order items we kept forgetting about, answered our many questions, and much, much more. There was nothing she wasn’t willing to do, and no obstacle she didn’t help us overcome. Kaitlin is diligent, resourceful, creative, responsive, easy to talk to, and fun (not to mention funny)! Which believe it or not, is a huge plus. When you’re constantly in touch with someone about everything from the biggest to the smallest details of your wedding (and in our case, also riding the roller coaster that was wedding planning in 2020), it’s great to have someone so positive and thoughtful in your corner who just so happens to be an excellent and organized planner. Our wedding was the best day of our lives, and that is thanks to Kaitlin. Kaitlin made it easy for us to truly enjoy our day, without worrying about how the chairs would be set up or where the favors would hang or the timing of anything. She was on site from the day before our wedding until the day after, overseeing vendors and making sure every detail of our event was perfect. And it was! Kaitlin did a beautiful job from start to finish. Seeing the amount of work she put in for us at the very end (and not just along the way) confirmed that she has a strong work ethic and a true desire to help her couples realize their dreams. My husband and I will be eternally grateful to her for everything she did, and we would hire Kaitlin again and again if given the chance. The only thing better than having Kaitlin as your wedding planner is having her as your friend, and thankfully for us, it has become both through this experience. Kaitlin: thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your incredible and Herculean efforts that made our wedding as beautiful, detailed, easy, and fun as it was. You are a wonderful person, an even better wedding planner, and a joy to work with. To everyone else: HIRE KAITLIN ASAP. You will thank me, I promise!

Mar 04, 2021
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