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Plan it Terra is a professional wedding planner and coordinator service based out of Jefferson City, MO. Terra of Plan it Terra is not your typical wedding planner. She is a vibrant extrovert with a get-things-done and make-magic-happen attitude with an unconventional approach to wedding planning. The events she helps plan are one-of-a-kind with no cookie cutters to be found.

As a newly engaged couple, you’re probably feeling a lot of FEELINGS right now. Excitement, anticipation, maybe even a bit of panic…. Perhaps you’ve been arguing with family over your “out-of-the-box” wedding ideas. Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to reconcile wedding traditions and your contemporary values. Or how about finding inspiration that feels antiquated, boring, and a bit cookie-cutter.

A Plan it Terra couple isn’t worried about being the coolest or most original with their ideas. They are focused on planning a day that reflects them entirely and gives them space to be them. Your wedding, your rules! A Plan it Terra couple is okay going against the grain, redefining tradition, and having fun. 

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