Mart Mari Weddings

Mart Mari Weddings



Welcome to  Mart Mari Weddings & Events. I help modern couples design weddings and celebrations in breathtaking European destinations that are both elegant and stylish, yet relaxed and comfortable. I help plan captivating Weddings & Events for adventurous couples in Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, and Greece.

Besides planning the logistics of your destination wedding, I also offer creative team matchmaking to help connect you with the perfect local vendors for your event. Plus, on-site management during the actual wedding weekend. From start to finish, I’ll be there for you. My mission is to give you… A seamless planning experience. A wedding where you can be truly present and enjoy every moment with friends & family. An event where your guests leave saying that it was so “them.” Multiple events across the weekend that just flow together. With my experience and your vision combined, your dream destination wedding is about to become a beautiful reality.