Magnolia Wedding Planner

Magnolia Wedding Planner


Welcome to Magnolia Experience!

As I've been a destination bride myself I know how much it can be difficult not to be personally present in every step of the organization of any type of event abroad and I believe that having someone to trust fully on site is something that can save the experience and the wedding from any anxiety, living a relaxing and joyful period.
Not less important every couple and every event needs a professional that has the skills and creativity to turn dreams into a beyond imagination reality, thank to the assistance of talented and qualified vendors and to many years of experiences on delivering fairy tales.
It's for these reasons that I personally follow all my couples directly, my agency is a boutique one where every wedding and every couple is not a number but an emotion to fulfil and satisfy, I'm honoured to have the chance to get inside such a special day of so many persons and I respect their feelings, their wishes, dreams and budgets.

At your disposal for a call to dive deeper in your wonderful project