L Burgundy weddings

L Burgundy weddings



Congratulations on your engagement! You can't wait to organize your beautiful wedding, and you want to get married in a romantic place and live a destination wedding in France, surrounded by your loved ones.

It's time to create the magic and wonder that will make your memories of the most beautiful day of your life indelible.Your wedding should be unique, in line with your values and personality.

That's why Laura Chevalier, wedding planner and founder of L Burgundy weddings, accompanies you through a customized and personalized service.

An agency that offers you the best of the best thanks to a service of excellence.

We deliver a signature creation: French elegance and a unique experience. Our mission is to listen to you, advise you, guide you, organize, plan and manage for you.

To accompany you from day one until the completion of our mission. We look forward to discovering you, and to witnessing one of the pages of your story.

"Love is not only a feeling, it is also an art". (honoré de Balzac)

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We have to tell you that it is very difficult to come down from our little cloud... this wedding has left us in a state of emotional lethargy as we have released our emotions this weekend. A pure and desired joy, shared by all our guests and our families without exception.

We both agree that we could not have dreamed of a better wedding and a more beautiful celebration of our love. Everything was there, from the make-up to the hair, the music, the floral decoration and the gastronomy, which largely exceeded our expectations.

We owe this success to all the actors of this day, the guests, the families but also and especially to the service providers who worked for us under the supervision of our magnificent conductor and his women of the shade!

Laura, words fail me to express how grateful I am to have entrusted you with the organization of our wedding. An event like this is always stressful and that is why we needed your help. You fulfilled your role brilliantly, accompanying us from a distance with great gentleness and serenity, qualities that were much appreciated especially during the last minute ups and downs - as they say in the US. Your ability to listen, your attention to detail and your ability to adapt are simply remarkable and always with a smile!

We would like to wish you all the best for the future. We are confident that your next projects will be successful both professionally and personally and we also have a thought for your partners in this regard. You are a beautiful person and I hope to see you again one day, who knows, in Burgundy or in Nashville where you will be welcome in our home!

We'll keep you posted on the rest of our adventure together and I'll be at your disposal if you need any service that could have a positive impact on your career

Oct 25, 2022
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