Ksenia Riley

Ksenia Riley


My name is Ksenya Riley and i'm wedding planner.
What is Saint P. Magic and why do so much couples come to Saint-Petersburg to celebrate their weddings? First of all it is the unimaginable beauty of the city. It is the variety of venues. We can celebrate the wedding in historical palaces designed by greatest european architects who had ever served the kings. Just imagine you will breathe in the imperial balls atmosphere and feel the spirit of Romanovs Dynasty. Also we have plenty of gorgeous restaurants near by the Gulf of Finland, our couples enjoy having their wedding ceremonies there. And of course hundreds of lofts and studios for lovely photoshoots. There are hight class photographers, video productions, wedding disigners, florists and confectioners.
And i guess only in Saint-Petersburg you can celebrate wedding in real palace and enjoy russian ballet live.
Every year we arrange weddings for couples from Italy, France, UK, Germany, USA, Canada and many others.
All the magic beggins at the moment you send me the first email, message me in instagram or Facebook. Almost 80% of preparation is done online. And of course you can visit Saint-Petersburg one or two weeks before the wedding to controll the process. Just let me know if you want to and i’ll take care about everything.
Wedding is one of the most important and stressful event in people’s life. So it is necessary to trust the professional you work with. We really care how do brides and grooms feel during the process and we do all necessary to let them savor the moments. It is possible because I, as the chief of the project truly enjoy each moment i spend working. I'm fond of weddings. I love to controll all services around and to be sure that everything is working precisely. And speaking of what i love most it is the moments when groom first sees his beautiful future wife, their first dance, or the moment when guests come in and see all the decorations and flowers. It is absolutely amazing how relatives pass thousands of miles to congratulate couple with words full of pure sincerity. When i look at the happy faces of guests i understand that this is the place i want to be in and what I do is exactly what has always been my dream job.

And the price. You will be pleasantly surprised to explore the cost of the wedding you have always dreamed about. 

Royalty, history, white nights, the endless universe of visual aesthetics 
Thats what we call Saint P. Magic
I am Ksenya Riley and you’re welcome in Saint-Petersburg.
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