Joy Wedding of Federica Tamborini

Joy Wedding of Federica Tamborini


I am Federica, I was born in Rome and for some time now I have lived in the splendid Romagna, a wonderful land, rich in history and culture that is the envy of far more famous Italian regions!I am a Wedding Planner, a true "wedding planner" in its purest meaning. Do you know what it means? It means that I carry out the whole project of your wedding starting from the assumption that there will only be collaborators and professional figures specific to each situation and no one, much less myself (!), will improvise for what it is not or for which it does not have the right skills (I don't set up sugared almonds or sweet tables , I don't create graphic coordinates, I don't make “bows” or light candles!).I like to organize intimate, sophisticated weddings for a few people... Those, in short, among the real relatives and closest friends... Events that, strange to believe, require a considerable organizational effort ... Because in these marriages, so special and profound, the attention to detail, harmony between the various elements, simplicity and elegance are at the highest levels.I am a very sincere, concrete, realistic, orderly and precise person. I love the organization of ideas and things and at the same time I am a dreamer and a lover of beauty. I get emotional when I listen to the love story of my couples, I cry with joy and I get excited very often during the preparatory phase (eh I know, I have an easy tear !), But somehow, I don't know how, for the great day all the tears come back and I work calmly and rationally.
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As a Belgian couple, we obviously needed some help in organizing our wedding in Italy (Marche region).

We got in touch with Federica (Joy Wedding Planner) and from the first minute we were convinced by her expertise.

Throughout the several months before our wedding, we had a very close collaboration. The way Federica helps you in preparing the wedding is extremely professional: She works in a very structured and detailed way; she always keeps the budget in mind; she knows the places and local suppliers; etc.

Not only is her way of working very organized, she takes the lead in all steps while giving full control over decisions.

On the wedding day, you don't have to worry about nothing. Federica is there to coordinate everything (even if there are a lot of things to be done at the same time). Besides she is genuinely concerned on emotional level with the bride and the groom, which really helps in calming down the nerves.

We truly recommend Federica as wedding planner. If we would do our wedding over again, we definitely choose Federica again without any doubt.

Thanks for making our day so special!

Bert & Nele

Oct 20, 2022