DiVyne Weddings and Special Events by T Shy

DiVyne Weddings and Special Events by T Shy



No job is ever to small or large for DiVyne Weddings and Special Events!

As you prepare for one of life's biggest commitment or special occasions,  Divyne Weddings and Special Events offer a commitment of excellence to our clients.  We are dedicated to making your Special occasion a truly unforgettable event.  We offer an excellent opportunity way to make sure that the two of you are celebrated in a manner that fits your spiritual values, psychological needs, and future goals and dreams.

The sky is the limits to the uniqueness of your event, planning a wedding is something you do only once, with precision and grace. As your Wedding consultants or Event planner, my staff and I can reference years of experience to help you create a unique event, which will reflect your specific requirements and individual tastes.   We offer innovative ideas at every step and make suggestions that anticipate needs you may not have considered. 

Let DiVyne Weddings and Special Events handle all your events needs from the Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, Anniversary, Wedding rehearsal, Bridal shower, church events and brunch. We can assist with selecting superb affordable catering, and attentive service that is both warm and efficient will distinguish each affair.

Call us today and begin planning for the most DiVyne experience you can have, your wedding...your event.

We are a One Stop Shop!