Cher Amour

Cher Amour



Are you dreaming of a wedding in one of the most exclusive Châteaux in France? A welcome party in the finest vineyards? An elopement just the two of you, driven by French History?

Whatever your wish is, we are here to make the latter a reality. From two people, to several hundreds, your joy knows no limit to us. No matter the size, we want you to experience the “French Art de Vivre” in all it has to offer. From the tiniest details to the perfect symphony that is your event, we take care of everything for you and your guests to be fully in the present moment.  

Cher Amour is a full-service event planning agency in Burgundy and Paris, France, focused on creating bespoke events that reflect the “French Art de Vivre”. From the floral design and mood boards, tableware and furniture, to the unflawed D-Day organization, Cher Amour wants you to experience this wow effect while only enjoying the fun of it!

Cher Amour is a way of living, a celebration of beauty in Burgundy, but most importantly, a love letter between you and us.

Life is a succession of milestones to celebrate. From your engagement party to your wedding celebration, and even all those tiny moments that are unique to your eyes, Cher Amour is an ode to excellency and authenticity. Whatever your wish is, name it, and Camille and her team will create magic for you. From Burgundy to Paris, love knows no boundaries, so does Cher Amour.