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Amy Varain Weddings is a boutique wedding & events company serving two locations; El Dorado/Sacramento counties in California & the beautiful island of Maui.  We feel today's weddings have become an expression of the couples themselves with creativity, thoughtfulness and beauty.  Each wedding is as unique as the individual couples.  We like to say there are NO RULES when it comes to weddings and are excited to help you design, plan and put your special touches into the wedding of your dreams. But our expertise does not stop there... 

Amy Varain Weddings understands the time and energy that goes into planning events.  It doesn't matter if you are the DIY bride or our Full service Bride, executing the event on the day of is where the magic happens. All the planning gets set into motion with many moving parts bringing it all together. Amy Varain Weddings believes this is where you need an experienced event professional to take all your ideas, visions and stress to execute your event effortlessly so you can be a "GUEST" at your own wedding.  Let us worry about all the little last minute details, get you down the aisle on time, communicate with your vendors, make sure your family & guests are happy and enjoying themselves, watch the timeline so you don't have to worry about what is happening next.  We will guide you through the night so you can enjoy every moment.  Here at Amy Varain Weddings you can think of us as your fairy godmother.  On your special day we will organize, coordinate, direct and create a fabulous stress-free wedding experience for the bride and groom. 

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I am a bride from San Diego, CA and recently just had my destination wedding on June 21, 2018 in Maui. I decided to hire Amy Varain as my day-of wedding coordinator and words cannot describe how grateful I am for Amy and her wedding planning assistance. She went way beyond my expectations and provided to me so much more than what is typically expected from a day-of coordinator.
When speaking with Amy for the first time via FaceTime, she already had done her research and knew about me and my early ideas for wedding planning. She had questions about my ideas and really made me feel comfortable talking to her and I was engaged and excited to work with her. We chatted on FaceTime over 45 minutes, and the time flew by because she was so prepared and well organized. I had interviewed other day-of coordinators and my conversations with those coordinators were just awkward and the discussions were not more than a forced 7 minutes or so. That’s how I knew my comfort with Amy and working with her would be a wise choice.
Even though I hired Amy as just a day-of coordinator, she prepared multiple FaceTimes for at least one to two hours a few months before the wedding, just to understand and prepare the schedule for the day of the wedding. She was incredibly organized and prepared, and no time was wasted or rushed during these FaceTimes. She listened thoroughly to my visions and made sure she clearly understood what I had in mind, that way she would be able to make my dream wedding come to life. Also, she was so quick with her responses to emails, that it made communication with her very easy. One thing that I loved about planning with Amy was her precision to detail. She had a very in depth time schedule laid out that was color coordinated with items that pertained to certain aspects of the wedding. She made sure to have all the contact information of the vendors and she had the information of people in my family that she could contact in case of questions during the wedding so she wouldn’t have to interrupt my husband, our parents, or myself. Lastly, she was so friendly in allowing us to send items to her house that we wouldn’t be allowed to carry on to the plane. She housed those items until the day of the wedding!
When we got out to the island, she was so kind to meet up with us multiple times to talk with vendors, finalize wedding plans, and understand the regulations of the venue. She contacted vendors that were being difficult and really made me feel at ease because the stress was off of my shoulders. Prior to our wedding rehearsal at a Catholic Church, which Amy attended, she did her research so she would understand the rules of the church and be respectful as to the Church’s wishes. After the rehearsal, she passed out individualized schedules for every member of the wedding party along with times as to when we should start and begin different things during the day of the wedding.
On the day of the wedding, she made sure we followed along on the schedule, but she didn’t make us feel rushed or panicked. Instead, she was calm, composed, and very professional. She brought along a day assistance, Miley, that helped my husband and his groomsmen make sure they were staying on track and ready when we it was time to leave. Amy had planned for Miley to be at the wedding venue to set up so it would be ready for when guests arrived after the church reception. The wedding ceremony went very smoothly, but it wasn’t until the reception that Amy really became a huge asset again during the day. She made sure that my husband and I were well catered to the entire night and kept us along schedule. Unfortunately, we had some uninvited guests crash our party, but Amy was right on it in making sure that those people were escorted quickly off of the premise. Also, she was very good at reading different situations. She was very aware of the guests and their state of mind along with both husband and myself. She arranged a ride for us at the end of the night so we would make it safely back to our hotel.
I truly hope that all brides consider Amy Varain as your wedding coordinator in Maui. I am an elementary school teacher and am very particular about the kind of people I like to work with. Amy is the most organized person that I worked with out in Maui and our wedding guests raved about her excellency and professionalism as a wedding coordinator. I would highly recommend her to anyone having a destination wedding out in Maui! We loved you Amy! Thank you for all that you did for us!

Jul 25, 2018