Laura Mariani Photography

Laura Mariani Photography



My name is Laura Mariani, I am a Colorado wedding Photographer, and I come from Italy. I started with Photography in Italy back in 2012, when I was very unhappy about my life. In fact I hated my job in healthcare administration, going every day to the same place, working with the same people, doing the same repetitive job. So, I decided to follow my creativity and find a job that would allow me to be free, to travel all over the world, and to meet different people. I was determined to follow my dream. First of all, I took a Basic Photographic Class in my hometown in Italy. Thanks to that class I met some photographers. I started to collaborate with them as their assistant during the weekends. Slowly, I learned from them and taught myself using the internet and specialized books. I participated in different kinds of workshops, and then, one day, I applied for a position at the most important wedding photo studio in Italy: Photo27. Diego, the owner, accepted me and taught me all those things you couldn’t find in a book. He became my mentor, he taught me “to see”. I will always be grateful to him for transforming me into a Professional Photographer. Then, in September 2015, I left my old job and started to work full time as a wedding and event photographer. I will never forget the happiness that followed, my life totally changed. I did a lot of weddings and events all over Italy, Europe, and even the Maldive Islands! Destination weddings, luxury events, VIP weddings, parties, any kind of portraits. I improved my skills year after year. One day, destiny, or whatever you call it, brought to me the man of my life. We got married and now we live in Boulder, Colorado. Our home is surrounded by trees and wild nature, we love to travel and good food. And here I am starting again a new life as a Colorado Photographer.    

My Style

Someone says that an artist must have a specific style, but I love many different styles. You will see in my pictures different styles because I love to change, to experiment, to follow the flow of emotions, the spark of the moment, the energy of different people, the atmosphere of various places, the changing light... Every time is different and every moment is beautiful. I love to capture the true moments of love, intimacy, and passion, but also the beauty, the details, and the funny moments. If you work with me, I will not ask you for an artificial pose, instead, I follow your natural way of being and give you only a few suggestions. I am happy believing that my pictures will be part of your life forever.