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Catherine Leanne Photography is a Fine Art wedding photographer based in San Francisco, California. Servicing weddings throughout the local area, including San Francisco Bay Area, Napa Wine Country, Carmel Valley, and Tahoe. Catherine Leanne Photography is a professional wedding photography company that has been part of the Northern California wedding industry for 9 years. We specialize in luxury weddings and portraiture.

I know you love the subtleties; those brief touches or quick glances across the room from him. Maybe that’s how your story began, yours and his, in those moments that will weave their way through every second of your wedding day.

On that day, everything will change. You’ll walk towards him gracefully, gently touching his elbow and he’ll pull you in like he always does. That pause, that beautiful moment just before he embraces you, tells a story. The look on your face holds your history together. In that moment, history is happening, and I don’t want you to forget it.

As he pulls you in to kiss your cheek, another miracle is happening. The imperfections of two people fade away and all that is left is the purity of love.

On that day, you will stand before your dearest friends and promise to choose each other, forever. There will be a million divine moments of laughter that day, brief moments that will fade away as quickly as they came. As you are living them, I will keep them, tucked away behind a lens that is looking at your story through legacy.

You were meant to be with him, and history will be marked by those moments. I want to hold each one for you because one day, you’ll walk down the halls of the home you raised your children in. You’ll pass the hallway decorated with your story, with the subtle moments of that day that changed everything.

Each image is an invitation to relive the feelings of being his bride and you’ll take it. You’ll feel the way you did, and you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren your story of being his wife that began on that day. They will have watched you live your love story their entire lives and they’ll beg you to tell them the story again. And you will because you can still remember the feeling of touching his elbow, and the feeling of him pulling you in close, and the pause just before he whispered,

“I completely and utterly adore you.”.

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