Rebecca Green Design

Rebecca Green Design



Rebecca Green Design was launched in 2014 to bring couples beautifully designed wedding stationery at an incredible value.  I quickly realized that I loved creating something truly unique for my clients and they loved it too!  

In 2017 I picked up a paintbrush and taught myself the art of watercolor.  I fell in love fast!  Since then, this brand has evolved into so much more; while I still love and offer wedding stationery, my collection now also includes art prints, notepads, greeting cards & more.

I’ve intentionally set out to create an experience through my art.

You see, whenever I get the chance to travel, I aim to buy something unique and special so when I return, I’m reminded of an adventure of the past.  When someone asks me about this item, I’m jumping for joy!  I get so excited to tell them all about my adventure and where I was when I bought this oh so special piece, and it makes me so freakin’ happy.  I want my art to feel like that for you.  A place you visit and find something unique that tells a story.  

I’ve worked hard to bring you the best quality along with exceptional customer care.  All of my products are proudly designed, created and packaged, with love, in the USA.

I hope my art brings you a sense of warmth, nostalgia and absolute happiness,
wherever you may be.