Tamarin: COVID-19 Testing and Support

Tamarin: COVID-19 Testing and Support


You have plenty to worry about for your big day. Let us take the hassle of COVID-19 off your plate.

At Tamarin, we are laser focused on improving access to and decreasing the cost of healthcare - and that includes COVID-19 safety.

We've been around since 2017 and our background is in public health and healthcare administration. We'll make it super easy to create the safest environment for your wedding day.

Our tools and services have consistently prevented COVID-19 cases  and outbreaks for our clients.

We take care of your safety protocol from start to finish. We've already done the work of finding top clinicians and testing for you, and we'll coordinate every step in the process.

Just reach out to us to find the best solution for your wedding.

  • At-Home and On-Site Testing
  • Clinical Team for home or on-site
  • HIPAA and COPPA (Child Privacy Protection) compliant platform with testing and vaccine badges

Our testing options include:

  • Testing at individuals' homes: Concierge or mailed testing
  • PCR (~ 12 - 48 hr turnaround)
  • Rapid PCR 
  • Rapid Antigen

Our platform makes it easy and safe for you to see COVID-19 testing and vaccine status while maintaining strict privacy for your guests.

Creating a safe environment is easy:

1. Email us at gathersafely@tamarin.health and tell us about your wedding (size, location, and what you're thinking about re COVID-19 safety)

2. Our team will respond back with the tools and testing we recommend

3. Select from the options and we'll put your plan in motion! We take care of everything from coordinating the clinicians to ordering and ensuring your tests arrive to the right place.

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