Marco & María

Marco & María

Designers Marco Marrero and Maria Diaz began their professional career in 1990, with the creation of a design and manufactured studio in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife.

In 1998 Marco & María joined the Tenerife Moda collective, a platform which promotes the fashion industry in Tenerife which allowed It to make its first incursion in national catwalks.

Only one year later, Marco & María modelled in Cibeles and in 2000 broke boundaries presenting its bridal collection in Paris.

From the beginning Marco & María stands out for the remarked vintage style of its collections which has become the hallmark of the brand.

Marco & María designs include two styles: bride and evening dresses which come to prominence by its unique printed fabrics.

Far from the common massive production stitching Marco & María personalize each and every design of ours with hand-made finishings centering our productions integrally
 in Spain without neglecting the minimum detail.

Nowadays, our collections are available in specialised nuptial stores in more than 30 countries.


The firm has set out to make an ode to every woman with this collection. That mysterious, self-confident and, at the same time, daring woman who has always been an inspiration. Sometimes, during the creative process of this collection, designers Marco Marrero and María Díaz have looked back, opting for those excesses in their beginning with which they enhance women without taboos.

Trust to their essence, designers Marco Marrero and María Díaz have bet on the use of textures and sophisticated colours combined with daring volumes. Once again, this is a collection full of details and different overlayed fabrics. Tulles, organzas and muslins get together with silk taffetas in these proposals.

“Hay Mujeres” (There are women) is a melancholy influenced collection and, without any doubt, the most feminine of the brand at this moment.