J. Cheree Bridal Luxe Gowns and Accoutrements

J. Cheree Bridal Luxe Gowns and Accoutrements



J. Cheree...More than Memorable...Unforgettable! J. Cheree ~ Premier Bridal Apparel and Wedding Fashion Consulting bringing you exceptional services and products for your wedding day. It's your wedding day, you deserve the best. What's your Style? Classic, Contemporary, Chic...whatever it may be, J. Cheree has a selection to offer which suits you perfectly. From beginning to end, J. Cheree will assist you in making the perfect attire choices that will make you the 'Angel of the Aisle'. Our consulting services and fashion selections are tailored to meet your every need and we welcome you to experience the best choice for your special day. The purpose and practice of J. Cheree Bridal Luxe Gowns and Accoutrements is to provide exclusive bridal fashion consulting services to brides as well as provide the apparel for the occasion. We also provide pre event pampering or bridal organization services thus producing a complete Prome Posh experience through our Bridal Lifestyle Services and  Wedding Fashion Consulting J. Cheree offers the bride to be the most comprehensive consultations regarding her wedding day fashions.So you've said 'yes' to him, now's the time to say 'Yes' with me. Whatever your style, Specialists are here to help make finding your bridal gown unforgettable.

Your consultation will help walk you through a wonderful and unique experience of wedding gowns until you find the one. An offering of gorgeous, quality, stylish and well constructed gowns, some of which are exclusive to J. Cheree, guarantees a breathtaking walk down the aisle and an unforgettable event.To lend to the exclusivity of the collection, only a few appointments are offered each month. Gowns are carefully curated for styles that give the bride a special feeling and limit the likelihood of being one of many brides to wear a gown to one of very few.Say 'yes' then see me.

The initial consultation is ninety minutes in length and will focus on style, color selection and personality of both the bride and her wedding. During this session, the following will be targeted: Bridal Budget Bridal Fashion [style, color, fabric, cost] With a carefully curated collection of gowns, that are exclusive to J. Cheree, your experience in gown shopping will be as unforgettable as you will be on your big day. Champagne to toast to you finding the 'Own' in your gown, Membership into the Bridal Circle, a gift Bridal Box and custom sizing on most gowns to eliminate or minimize the need for alterations are all included in your experience and gown purchase. With limited appointment offerings monthly, you can be sure to be a Very Important Bride in our books. You won’t regret it.

Did we also mention that select gowns also come with your own custom shoes, personalized for your special day, and designed by you?!? This service is designed to eliminate the headaches of bridal shopping, for the bride and add some luxury to her special day. Our consultations insure that the bride will have the most flattering gown for her body type. Oft times in large retailers, the focus is on selling. With J. Cheree, styling is offered so the bride will not have the gown she wants, but a gown that suits her in every way, from her personality to the fabric type, color and appearance. With this featured service, the bride can plan at her leisure and receive tailored assistance in her selections.  It's your wedding day, you deserve the Best!