Heyday is a mother-daughter company where you can find our own bridal brand HEYBRIDE and bridesmaids brand HEYMAIDS.
We started the shop back in 2013 with the idea of offering bridal outfits and accessories in which you can stay true to yourself and your style.

 In 2019 we launched our bridal line and since 2020 we have been devoting ourselves fully to the further development of our own collection. We work with a small producer in Poland, which garantuees us a fair process.
Sustainability is very improtant to us, which is given by the reuse of the individual parts of the bridal outift. But that was not enough for us, which is why we have been working intensively on the use of sustainable, enviromentally friendly materials since 2021.
This year we relaunched our collection for bridesmaids and party guests, which is now made out of eco friendly fabric. The trend of several bridesmaids in the same color is big and can be implemented with our HEYMAIDS two-pieces, so that each of your girls can still express their personality. But not only that, each piece can be worn again and combined differently after the wedding.

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