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We’re a traveling hair and makeup team and offer a wide variety of services for everyone in your bridal or groom party! 
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Keith L Shepherd
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Do Not Use this Company. Kristen is the "owner" and they will scam you out of a deposit and send people you don't know to do the job.... Reach out to me if you have questions.

Nov 09, 2023
Leta Jones
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I would NOT recommend using this company for your wedding.

My experience started off great. I contacted the company 9 months prior to my wedding,  paid half up front, and retained services. One of the things I verified was the company offered airbrushed makeup, which I wanted for my big day. They did, along with lashes, and I was sold.

I did my trial in March. Kirsten was doing my hair, and Makayla, my makeup. I offered to drive to them in Kokomo for the trial since they were coming to Indianapolis for the wedding, and I thought it would be nice. The trial went fine. I let them know the venue said I had to arrive already in hair and makeup at 11:30am, so I would have to give them a location update later. I got a quote on hair and makeup for a bridesmaid as well, and they said no issue. I also PAID IN FULL at the trial. Don't do that!

Fast-forward to two weeks prior to my wedding. I provided the location and time I would need to leave the house by, and inquired about drink preferences and any additional needs. The next day, I was contacted that they misunderstood, and scheduled another wedding the same day. Kirsten inquired if she could send a different stylist whom she "had complete confidence in from her team." I expressed displeasure since I have been on the schedule for 9 months, and no times have changed. I asked that she come to do my hair, and I would accept a different makeup stylist, but I also don't find it fair to me. Kirsten agreed to come herself to do my hair.

The day before my wedding, we had set up the arrival time at 9:30am, but Kirsten contacted me and stated that the makeup person would need to come at 9am and asked me if that would be alright. I agreed. The next morning, I received an email that Kirsten had a family emergency and could not come at all, and my make up person would be doing both hair and make up.

The girl that arrived did her best, but did not even know the company that sent her to me, because they basically posted my wedding on a Facebook vendor site and asked for help. She had never met or worked with them, and she was under the impression she was just assisting with a wedding,  and only sent a picture of me with no hair or makeup details.

Exotic Perfection paid her less than half of what I paid for my hair and make up for my wedding, and they did not even do my hair and make up on my wedding day. The girl that they sent does not do airbrushed makeup which I was promised. I spent the morning of my wedding in tears, and arrived late at my venue because I only had one person to do both my hair and make up. My face looks puffy from crying in my wedding pictures.

This company is not running out of liable. Do not pay them upfront, in-full for services. I have received no apology from them. They were more than happy to post pictures of the Bloomington wedding that they did that day on their Facebook page though.

Jul 04, 2022