Weddings on a Sailboat "Selina II"

Weddings on a Sailboat "Selina II"



Embark on a Timeless Maritime Love Story

Imagine exchanging your vows upon the gentle waves of the Chesapeake Bay, surrounded by the timeless beauty of the meticulously restored "Selina II" – a historic 1926 yacht that has been the enchanting backdrop for intimate romantic weddings in the quaint town of St. Michaels, Maryland, for over two decades. Known as the iconic Love Boat of the Chesapeake, this exquisite vessel beckons to couples drawn to the allure of the open water, offering a truly unique and unforgettable setting to celebrate their eternal love.

For those seeking an intimate maritime affair, the "Selina II" invites you to embrace the romance of a "Ceremony at Sea," where up to six cherished guests can bear witness as you exchange your vows while gliding across the tranquil waters. Alternatively, for larger gatherings, the "Wharf-Side Wedding" option allows up to 12 guests to join you aboard this classic sailboat while exchanging vows, while up to 50 additional loved ones can share in the magic from the picturesque dock.

Regardless of your chosen celebration, this exclusive venue promises an inexpensive elopement package, offering a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity to tie the knot amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Chesapeake Bay. Operated by the granddaughter of the original owners, Captain Iris Robertson, a third-generation mariner, officiates your ceremony aboard the "Selina II," donning formal whites to complete the authentic nautical theme.

With her expertise, you can craft a traditional or alternative service tailored to your unique love story, ensuring a truly personalized celebration that captures the essence of your journey together. Imagine exchanging your vows as the gentle waves lap against the hull, the salty sea breeze carrying the whispers of your promises to one another, creating a cherished memory that will forever be etched in your hearts.

Embrace the opportunity to embark on a timeless maritime love story aboard the "Selina II," where the romance of the open water intertwines with the beauty of your commitment, creating a truly unforgettable experience that will leave you and your loved ones spellbound. Book your dream wedding today and let the enchanting "Selina II" be the vessel that carries your love into a future as boundless as the vast horizons that await.

"Selina II" offers a truly unique and romantic setting for an intimate wedding . Highlights include:

1. Historic 1926 sailing yacht with timeless elegance and nautical charm - The meticulously restored classic sailboat provides an enchanting and one-of-a-kind backdrop for exchanging vows and celebrating a special day.

2. Intimate capacity for small weddings - With a limited guest capacity of just 6 guests for a "Ceremony at Sea" or up to 12 guests aboard plus 50 guests dockside for a "Wharf-Side Wedding", Selina II offers an exclusive and private setting perfect for intimate affairs.

3. Picturesque setting on the Chesapeake Bay - Couples can tie the knot while gently cruising the tranquil waters, surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery and maritime views, creating unforgettable memories.

4. Customizable wedding packages and services - From personalized vow ceremonies officiated by the third-generation captain to options like photography, live music, wedding cakes and more, Selina II offers tailored packages to craft a dream nautical wedding experience.

5. Affordable and convenient location - Being located in charming St. Michaels and offering inexpensive elopement packages, Selina II provides an accessible yet upscale coastal wedding venue within driving distance of major cities.

6. Romantic ambiance and family tradition - The soft lapping of waves, salty sea breeze, and family ownership steeped in maritime heritage lend an unparalleled romantic atmosphere perfect for intimate "I dos".

With its historic charm, exclusive setting, natural beauty, customizable options and affordability, the lovingly restored Selina II sailing yacht offers the ideal backdrop for couples seeking a unique and unforgettable intimate waterfront wedding experience.

2 Reviews for Weddings on a Sailboat "Selina II"
Stephanie Oliver
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Captian Iris was awesome! We had a wonderful intimate wedding thanks to her!

Jan 16, 2015
Dee Holland
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Captain Iris was awesome! From the first moment I spoke to her about weddings in Maryland, I got the feeling that I had known her my entire life and she was a close friend helping me plan my wedding and not someone I had just found internet searching. I don't recall how many emails we shared in the month leading up to our wedding. She was most helpful with arranging the cake and suggesting a florist. Captain Iris drafted our ceremony and emailed us her draft for review. We put our own written twist into information provided by Captain Iris. We were greeted with hugs on our wedding day as if we were old friends, not strangers who had just met for the first time. Captain Iris let us bring on board a special bottle of Scotch for our wedding toast. We used our own glasses, while our guests used her flutes. We had a unique sand ceremony as well as a flower ceremony for our parents. Even though all of this was discussed ahead of time with Captain Iris, Captain Iris performed both in a manner that made this special for us; right down to our kiss. Captain Iris is a very interesting person and her knowledge of the Miles River, the Selina II and sailing in general added to the trip. Our wedding was very affordable for us and all it offered. The memories, PRICELESS! If we had to plan our wedding all over again, the only thing we regretted was not reserving the boat for an additional time period afterwards so we could enjoy the water and the sail. I was too nervous and emotional during the ceremony to really get into the spirit of the sail....but, plans are already being made to go back next year near our one year anniversary. I would most certainly recommend the Selina II and Captain Iris to anyone wishing to get married in a unique manner and on the water. We have been blessed by the experience and having Captain Iris perform our ceremony. We will always feel a special kindredship towards her!

Nov 13, 2014