The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse


As one of the largest venue spaces in downtown San Jose, California. The Glasshouse is known for its glamorous and stylish interiors with many contemporary twists. Complimented by its stunning open-air patio, handicap access, onsite recommendations, bridal suite, insurance, and wireless internet. Its a perfect wedding and reception location serving up to 400 guest
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Malham & Malham
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This venue is a scam. They take your money, and run away. They dont honor the contract. Our wedding is set for September 5th 2020. Due to covid, they can not honor 300 people guest list, or anything over 10 for indoors. So we are still going with our wedding on September 5th. We asked them to honor the contract or void it. They said they cant honor the contract, but want us to postpone?

You cant tell me what to do with my wedding. I am going with it! I am going to
Church to get married, and then id like you to honor my contract. If you cant! Give me my money back! That easy!

They wont, and think they are givng me a generous offer of free postpone.

So thats what you are! A fraud and a scam!

Jul 17, 2020