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Beaulieu Garden

Beaulieu Garden is a private, family-owned estate and is one of the oldest wine producing vineyards in the Napa Valley. In 1899 French winemaker Georges de Latour purchased a parcel of farm land and planted the first 600 acres of European grape stock in the Napa Valley. He came to the Valley with the intention of growing French grapes in California and decided to surprise his wife, Fernande, with this stunning piece of property. When she saw the land she exclaimed “Quel beau lieu” which translates into what a beautiful place. And thus became the name of this extraordinary private estate in Rutherford. The possibilities for your wedding are limited only by your imagination. The quarter mile drive leading into the estate is lined with magnificent sycamore trees with theirleafy branches touching overhead to provide an elegant canopy entrance. You may choose to hold your event in the sunken garden with a stone pool of lilies and a cherub fountain with water spilling from it. Or dinner can be served under an immense sycamore arbor with dappled light during the day and dramatic lighting as night falls. Imagine celebrating under the stars next to a sparkling pool with manicured lawns and grape vines stretching to the rolling hills in the distance. 
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