Dominick Verstoep Filmmaker

Dominick Verstoep Filmmaker



Hi, my name is Dominick Verstoep, I am an international wedding videographer.

For me; A beautiful wedding film consists of a smile, a tear and an 'aah-moment'. The proud look of a father, the tear you couldn't suppress any more, the beautiful flowers and that oh so handsome fiancée of yours. Every detail of your day is so important. Capture these details in a beautiful way; that's my goal!

The day is all planned out, the champagne is chilled and the caterer is all set. You, as the stars ánd directors, determine what happens on this special day: the setting, decorations and music, the countless extras. And as a destination wedding videographer, I am sharply focused on capturing your wedding day as perfectly as possible.

Every wedding is unique and oh so personal, 

I have predefined weddingfilm packages but I rather work with custom rates specially designed for your wedding.  Send me an email, whatsapp message or instagram DM to talk about your wedding and your vision for an amazing weddingfilm!

  • My prices are very competitive since I love to travel and film wedding films in as many countries as I possibly can!
  • I have 8+ years experience
  • I am a certified drone pilot
  • I film wedding everywhere, all around the globe. 
  • I work with high quality full-frame mirrorless camera's and zeiss lenses for the best quality
  • Same day edit is ofcourse possible.