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Forget everything you've ever learned about weddings... Because YES your wedding can be fun! (and we will be there to capture it for you to remember until infinity)

Don't get me wrong, traditions are great... If they actually mean something to you. But what if they don't? Are you just going along with them, because "people expect you to do so", or because "that's just the way it is"?! Or are you going to make decisions that matter to you?!

We believe that your wedding is the perfect event to do whatever YOU want! Step out of that super traditional wedding box, and simply have a good time. 

  • Wanna wear a wig? Go for it!
  • Want to throw a theme party? Love it! 

As long as you do you. 

And then we do us. As in, making an unforgettable piece of art wedding film, that totally reflects you as a couple. No pré fixed formats but a unique customized love story from all the footage we filmed at your wedding event. See it as your very own Hollywood film, but without the acting ;) 

Short about us:

We are based in the Netherlands, have been a couple for over 10 years, film every wedding together, have traveled to many places in the world before we started our business, and continue to do so but now for amazing weddings! 

Love to meet you! 

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