There has always been a  feeling that a wedding ceremony gives me that's hard to describe in words. the joy and  ethereal experience always makes capturing it so special and a true honor. although the act is the same, every wedding is unique in personalities, backdrops, and words exchanged. I find it important for each piece to reflect those sediments. It should be something of a time capsule  that can be relived, bringing the families back to a place, to a date, where they all came together.

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Bryan Dos Reis is a consummate professional, but most of all, an artist.

If you hire him for your wedding, you are not getting a standard cookie cutter product, but rather a videographed tribute to your special day.

There is something magical about motion picture that even the best photos cannot quite capture. And to capture the day with someone who is a master and passionate visual artist is something else.

As for the communication back and forth, Bryan is a kind and lovely human and it was a pleasure and ease to work with him.

200% recommend.

Jun 15, 2017