Welcome ! We are Dennis & Dimitra Award Winning Wedding Filmmakers! 

After many years working on the video advertising industry we realized that Love will always be an archetype to our universal spirit. Longing for the controversial side of the life shall always lead you to your own truth. 

How could you describe a memory in words?
You could describe what you saw or heard.
Then you will definitely say what you felt and depending on how intense it is you will put more or less details in your description.

But you know that you may have missed something…

Maybe a detail, a smile that made you fly in the clouds.
A word that made you cry like a small child.
A caress that electrifies you, feeling more alive than ever.
A simple and fast hug.

We film every true and beautiful moment, whether simple or complex, funny, romantic, or dark.
Let our film describe your truth.

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