An unforgettable wedding in Marrakech,Villa Taj Marrakech  is a wonderful luxury villa rental entirely dedicated to wedding organization.  An incredible venue in Marrakech.
A wedding ceremony celebrated by a local officiant beneath 100 years old olive trees, a wine reception on the terrace facing the Atlas Mountains, the wedding dinner next to the pool bordered with lanterns, a fire show, a buffet brunch the day after the wedding and a pre-wedding dinner in the dreamy 1001 lights lantern tent of the property.
The house has  19 rooms and can host from 20 to 53 people, it can welcome up to 200 guests for wedding celebrations.

Guests will enjoy the peaceful life of the villa and will discover it in a total different setting and atmosphere when the magic of the wedding in Marrakech begins.

How to magnify the venue is the job perfectly done by the organization team of Villa Taj. Making the different water spots real wonders. Talking about the 25 meters pool lighted with lanterns with a one thousand candles bed floating on the water, ended by the giant bonsai style olive tree lighted on an ocre wall to make it live like an art masterpiece, the giant bathtube under hugh palmtrees, the zen area with balinese beds on steps in the middle of a rivulet, and the central pond of the 1001 lights oriental white tent. 

Guests will also enjoy a pre-dinner drink and  the special atmosphere of the rooftop terrace at sunset, facing the Atlas mountains, before going to the dinner and party area facing the pool.

A wedding in Marrakech at Villa Taj is not only a wedding, it's a dream, a dream that begins at the moment you arrive in Marrakech, and that seems to end when you leave Marrakech, 3, 4 or 5 days later. But in your mind and in your heart, the dreams never ends.

Timothy Brown
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I think I've been one of the last to organize my wedding at Villa Taj Marrakech before this crazy period.
Well I must admit that I've been so so so lucky to find Villa Taj and so lucky to be able to have all my friends for this February wedding.
We were a bit afraid of the weather and it went so perfect, winter is a crazy season in Marrakech. Swimming all day and party all night !
But the most important is that my wife, Cathy, had the most incredible wedding she could dream of in a dreamy venue.
First oriental dinner in the lantern tent, wedding ceremony under the olive trees, dinner facing the candle lighted pool, and day after buffet brunch garden party enjoying all parts of the villa gardens.
Well, paradise on earth !

Oct 17, 2020
Melissa Radratana
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Villa Taj Marrakech is a great place to get married because you don't only rent a villa, you book a whole expertise with the planning teams.
Really everything was so professional.
The teams are very present but you feel it.
Anyway, don't hesitate to contact them you will see from the first phone call that they're trustful.
For the rest, the atmosphere and everything, I let you check all the photos.

Oct 17, 2020
Pauline Vasseur
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If I had to go through all emotions that went through me during my wedding, I would need to write a book !
So just thank you to the team fo Villa Taj Marrakech to be so kind, so understanding, to say no when things are not possible and to avoid overpromising things, I felt so relaxed from the beginning.
Thank you to have been so helpful and for your ideas.
Thank you to have convinced me to do this ceremony under the olive trees with my father as a celebrant, I will keep that in my heart all my life, thank you for the decoration, the lights, the candles, the table with this so perfect decoration, thank you for the food and for all that I lived.

Oct 17, 2020
Lea Benadi
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I had my wedding at Villa Taj Marrakech and it has been a thrill.
First big thing in my life, I booked the villa without going there to visit, just trusting the owners and planners and having read some interesting things about.
From the moment we arrived there to our departure, everything went perfect even when things weren't going exactly as planned, the team was there to manage every situation with calm and professionalism.
The venue is incredible, you never feel like doing your wedding somewhere you won't remember or somewhere usual.
Really had a great time and all my guests too, from the first oriental night to the last day buffet brunch garden party, and of course the wedding day with this unforgettable ceremony.

Oct 17, 2020