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Being newly engaged/engaged is such an exciting time. Not only are you one step closer to marrying your "person", but it's also when you can start planning your wedding!! I remember creating collages of what I wanted my dream wedding to look like and that was exciting!

But when it came to actually putting it together, it's not easy! Finding vendors is the hardest part. Well, I'm here to make at least one part of the planning process easy breezy! That's choosing your photographer! 

I'm a La Jolla, CA based wedding photographer, with a goal to preserve all your precious wedding moments, hard work and planning, as beautiful heirloom artwork that will fill your home, with pockets of treasured memories, for you and your loved ones to relive, every time you look at your mantel, or above your bed or on your coffee table. 

My wedding photography is an all inclusive service, which means you won't have to think about where to get your photos edited, how to create your artwork, or even where to hang them in your home if you want! I do it all! 

I'm here to help you convert your dream wedding into everlasting memorable artwork!