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Dimitrios Kitsakis | Fine art wedding photographer

Dimitrios Kitsakis | Fine art wedding photographer



Dimitrios Kitsakis is an established fine art photographer from Greece, well-versed in destination wedding photography. Capturing more than just an image, but rather a feeling is Dimitrios’ unparalleled skill. Shooting in dream wedding destinations, Dimitrios employs the incandescent Greek sunlight to dress your special moments. In his book, quality work means an artist’s technique combined with a passion for fine art photography. The ever fleeting moments of emotion are ensnared by his lens and remain with you forever. Dimitrios incorporates the timeless classical Greek style in his work as a destination wedding photographer and pours his heart and soul into every project. Having spent several years studying the art of movement and shadow play, he produces original, stand-out work while maintaining his signature style that encompasses harmony and symmetry. In addition, Dimitrios’ expertise allows him to work with hybrid styles of photography.