Your Hollywood Portrait Boudoir

Your Hollywood Portrait Boudoir


We specialize in elegant boudoir photography for every woman, and Old Hollywood vintage portrait photography. How we do that? With an all female professional team of hair-stylist, makeup artist, the mastery of light and posing advice, props, haute couture gowns, accessories, and fun!

Have you ever admired an old photo of a Hollywood star? Not every photographer can recreate this magic. Raya has been shooting for over 20 years doing editorial for magazines like Harper's Bazaar and campaigns for lingerie brands in Paris and New York.

Get pampered for a few hours and discover how beautiful you can be! And you will have a beautiful portrait forever.


Raya is a French fashion and beauty photographer. For over 15 years she has been working with magazines like Harper's Bazaar, and shooting campaigns for brands like Sephora or Cartier

She decided to open her photo studio in Little Italy to create glamorous photos for every woman. Raya thinks that if you do it right, every woman can look beautiful and elegant in a boudoir setting.

Raya is not a wedding photographer, she is a fashion photographer and you can see a difference in her work. For each boudoir shooting or other portraits, she creates a specific lighting that corresponds to each person. For her, daylight is not enough.

Raya's experience allows her to make everybody comfortable during a shoot, especially when it's your first shooting and you're not a professional model. The goal is always the same, to make you look and feel beautiful.