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It’s so nice to meet you! We are Alex & Melissa and are very excited to be your photographers! Unveiled Moments is a husband and wife team with additional highly-talented professional photographers. We believe in creating something much more than pictures, we set out to truly capture those unique moments that only happen once and can only happen naturally. These are the moments that will live on well after the cake has been eaten and the guests have gone home. We will capture incredibly beautiful, frighteningly real and hysterically awkward images of your wedding. We want you to be blown away by everything that we deliver to you. Our goal is for you to see yourself the way we see you, which is simply beautiful. We’re here to document your love story so you and your family can always remember every last detail of your special day.

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Nataly Licata
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Alex was hired from Unveiled Moments for my wedding in Jan 2020 & it was a mistake! All the research I did prior comparing him to other photographers led me to believe he was the right choice. I was left disappointed. His online reputation is different from what you are getting. I purchased a package that included a Boudoir session and album which were not delivered. He promised to find a studio for the Boudoir but never delivered. Recommendations for the session were unprofessional. Furthermore, he does not respond to emails/phone calls. After months of chasing him regarding the completion of the album, he finally responded and a 1st draft was completed. To date, he is not responding and I am left without a completed album. On top of this, the quality of my pictures are terrible; pictures of the ceremony were overexposed. He justified it by blaming that the room was too bright. Yet the pictures taken by guests weren’t overexposed. Time management was also an issue. I do not have pictures of my girls and I getting ready. My recommendation is to find a reputable photographer, with an active company, and studio. His company is inactive in Sunbiz. Exercise with caution!

Nov 23, 2020