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Hi, I'm Sebastian Diaz, I am a contemporary portrait photographer based in Redlands, California.

When I was six years old I found my fathers Agfa Billy Record camera. It was one of those old folding cameras with the cloth bellows and took medium format film. My dad bought me film for it and I was hooked.

I shot family photos with that Agfa until my parents bought me a Canon A-1 35mm SLR for my tenth birthday. I used the A-1 until the mid nineties when I switched to digital point and shoot digital cameras.

Over the years I have tried many point and shoot digitals, but have always missed the exposure control and depth of field that can be obtained with an SLR. Early in 2016 I stepped up to the plate and bought a Nikon D750 and 70-200 mm f2.8 VR II lens. What an amazing rig!

Why should you choose me for your project? I've traveled to Honduras, Mexico, and all over the United States of America, all along the way I have photographed people and landscapes. What I have come to appreciate is the importance of photography.

Through photography we can stop time and preserve it for future generations. So that they can see who we were what we did and where we went. A high quality photograph will last one hundred fifty years or more. I want you to have the finest portrait that has ever been taken of you, so that many generations of your family will know your beauty and where they came from.

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