Terrie Images

Terrie Images


Terrie Nelson is the lead photographer for Terrie Images. Terrie Images is a fine art wedding photography team that specializes in creating serene, emotive, and intimate images.

Terrie images pride on providing cozy and comfortable settings that authenticate each couple's love story. They are storytellers waiting to tell your story. Terrie Images value photographing intimate and serene moments between you and the love of your life because your moments together are invaluable. Terrie and her team believe that years from now you should look back at your images from your wedding and be delighted and that they should evoke emotion in you. Terrie replays her wedding day over and over and she holds her memories dear to her heart. She believes that you should too.

“These shared moments between the two of you on your wedding day are the same intimate and quiet moments that will echo in the back of your mind when you need it the most. They are the sounds of reassurance after a long day and the highlight of your thoughts. You will hold these captured moments dear and when you grow older you will look at a photograph from your wedding day and fall in love all over again. You and your partner’s love story is a legacy, a family heirloom, and a masterpiece. “
As you prepare for these intimate and quiet moments to be captured by Terrie Images. Terrie wants to share that with her background in wedding planning and design she can create a tailored and seamless process. She does this by creating custom packages and timelines for you. This allows for your wedding to flow with a sense of ease, calmness, and thoughtfulness for couples to feel a professional photography experience that will leave them feeling they’ve made the right choice in choosing Terrie Images.