Terri Attridge Photography

Terri Attridge Photography


Currently I live at Grand Canyon National Park where I photograph a lot of wedding, elopement and engagement photos. I have been a photographer since I was in highschool and worked in a studio for almost 10 years before deciding to do outdoor photography.

I am looking to take photos for brides and grooms that want to have an adventure elopement. I am an avid hiker and climber and would love to take photos for small intimate weddings out in nature and national parks.
I will do the permit research with the national park for your wedding and work toward making sure that I plan the right adventure for every couple. Some wedding might have a small number of attendees and some, maybe no one in attendance.
Just because you are eloping doesn't mean that your wedding is less-than or that you aren't going to share your boho wedding day with your friends and family. You will, that is why you hire a really amazing adventure elopement photographer.
Everything about your elopement wedding day can be exactly how you want it, not less, not rushed and not quick. Because you've chosen to keep your elopement day to yourself means that it can be multi-day if you want it to. 
I can photograph your morning in a cute airbnb or in your tent on the top of a mountain, we can photograph you getting ready separately or together. We will still take photos of all of the little details of your elopement; your wedding dress but itself in nature, the wedding rings, the marriage certificate, the permit ( if necessary), your succulent bouquet, the something, new, blue and old.
Because you've decided to have an adventure elopement, you can do more, you can have gettin ready photos and first look photos, and ceremony photos, and hiking in wedding dress photos and standing on the top of a mountain in a wedding dress photos. 
After you're intimate wedding we can go back and have a campfire, pop some champagne, roast some marshmallows and then I'll leave you there cuddling under the stars, snap a few photos and slip away. 
All of these moments of your elopement will be preserved inm y adventure photography. I will have photos available for you to share online for those people that couldn't be there. They will not feel regret at not being included and only the utmost happiness at seeing your happiness in my elopement photography. 
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