Maija Karin Photography

Maija Karin Photography



My name is Maija! Pronounced My-ah. This is probably the most common question I get when I first meet someone, "how do you pronounce your name?" You can pronounce it however you'd like, I'll still gonna love meeting you!!

When it's all said and done I hope we end up friends! My goal is to be much more than a presser of the shutter button, I want that to be the icing on the cake. Yes, you need to connect with my style, but WAY more than that you need to connect with me and hopefully feel my heart and passion for what I do!!

I know I'm the lucky one. I'm the one who gets to peek into the windows of a couple's life and then get invited right in the front door to experience one of the biggest events in their journey together! I get to cry behind my camera while I watch a father dance with his daughter (I totally do this!), giving her away and yet welcoming in a new member to their family. I get to capture the raw emotion, the extended warm hugs, the exuberant dancing in celebration with friends and family who come together to lift up the new happy couple.  
And one last note before you continue scrolling....My Style! It would best be described as "directed photojournalism" - it's pure raw emotion meets cover-of-Vogue amazing! I believe in beautiful natural lighting (it's the ideal paintbrush), incredible backgrounds, and choosing locations very carefully. I never pose a situation that is already magical, yet understand that direction is a powerful tool for designing a gorgeous end result.