Lucia Giuseppina Photography

Lucia Giuseppina Photography



Are you ready to meet your ultimate wedding day hype girl, new best friend and backup bridesmaid?

I'm a wedding and portrait photographer, based in Washington and roaming around wherever your love or life story takes me. I'm a lover of travel, a thrift shopping connoisseur, mental health advocate, a professional 'Netflix and do nothing' champ - especially for a good crime show! Lastly, I love to try random 'mom n pop' café that I happen to come across.

As an introvert, I would prefer staying home, in a blanket while listening to the newest episode of Crime Junkie vs going out on any given day of the week. Now, most of my working years were spent in the medical field, either as a receptionist or as a financial unit coordinator for a local h0spital. I enjoyed my time in these roles however, the other half of me always wanted to do something using my creative talents and more personal to connect with people or make a persons life just a little bit more beautiful. . .(Now, here comes the part where I quit my full time, stable hospital job in order to seek out said yearning...yes, you heard that right!)

In April of 2021, I decided to take the plunge into dedicating myself to opening, owning and operating my own photography business. This was the most nerve-racking, "anti type A personality" decision I have made to date. In six months - I went from doing free model calls in order to build my portfolio to achieving close to semi-full books and the most incredible part was that fifteen of those bookings were weddings!

My main focus with photography is centered around weddings, elopements and engagements. I've always loved everything to do with weddings, my goal with each of my couples is to create a authentic relationship with you & your fiancé from start to finish. I'm excited to document you, your love and all moments. Not only that but when the big day comes - I will stay one step ahead to make sure your day runs smoothly. Need some water or 10 quite minutes with your new husband or wife? I gotchu boo. ❤

I've never felt more in line than I do with a camera in my hand, capturing the story of someone's life or milestone. I don't consider myself as 'just a photographer' but a narrator, friend and creative author of your life and love story.