Lisa Vigliotta Photography

Lisa Vigliotta Photography



I am a Internationally Awarded Destination Wedding Photographer. Romantic  Fine Art Photography for your wedding day, and all your days after, taken by a storyteller photographer; a romantic at heart who while holding her camera, will also be holding her breath in happy anticipation of capturing the image that will take your breath away.

True to my nature, I will fall a little in love with you on the day of your wedding. It will be impossible for me not to - I am looking for the art in you...the beautiful nuances that every person embodies. I shoot with the heart or a romantic, I believe in moments over poses and prefer moody artful images over technical ones.“nobody will ever love you as much as an artist can.on your worst days,they will find poetry in theknots of your hair.” - Anon
A photograph is as much a reflecion of the people and places being photographed as it is a reflection of the person taking the photo. With that belief in mind, it is important that you like your wedding photographer; their personality and perspective on life will shape the narrative of the photographic memories of your wedding day, and will be the one person by your side the whole day.It has been said of me throughout the years, both professionally and personally, that I have a calm and gentle peace about me that puts people at ease. On a day that can often feel hurried, I will be a calm and friendly presence at your wedding.It will be my job to help you slow down those precious moments and savor them.It will also be my job to help you remember them.

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