Krista Nicole Photography

Krista Nicole Photography


My Wedding Philosophy
​Moments.  Stories.  Sentiments.  Lifetime.  Love.

​Those are just some of the things that drew me into photography 8 years ago.  The truth about me is that I love LOVE!  I get swept away in the stories of how a couple met, where their love story took them, and how they ended up on my [virtual and sometimes literal] front porch, searching for their wedding photographer.​I'm very passionate about my work and what I do isn't just about "taking pics," -- anyone can take pics -- it is about photographing moments and preserving them for a lifetime.  My photographs tell the story of your supremely special day -- from the moment you start getting ready to the moment you just have to kick off those dancing shoes and end the night.  In between the hours from start to end, in all the chaos that is a wedding, are so many special sentiments that you might not see...but I do!  While you'r ein the moment with the wedding ceremony and then the reception swirling all around you, I am the one who can stand back and take it all in; I can glare out into the crowd and find a father tearing up, a caring glance as the vows are spoken, the outburst of laughter as the best man tells a funny story during his toast, and that moment when you just lean in, take a deep breath and hug your new lifetime partner.  I see all of that and capture those moments so that you can carry them with you into your new life together.​If I sound like someone you can envision capturing your wedding photos, then you've met your photographer!  Hello!  I am Krista and it would be my absolute honor to be more than just your wedding photographer, but also your wedding documentarian.