Glare Studio

Glare Studio


Hello Brides and Grooms! 

I am a Colorado & destination photographer with a spice for vibrance and creativity.  Please visit my website to view my work.  But please know, that I am not your average photog.  I built my business knowing that many folks out there feel swindled after receiving their images after being surprised with upcharges and extra fees.  Not us!  We post our prices on the website plain and easy for all to see.  Secondly, Glare Studio is synonymous with a great party.  Our photographers know when to blend in, give a gentle reminder to folks if timing is off or a veil is forgotten, and to help their subjects RELAX and enjoy the moments.  This day is way too important to worry about smiling for the camera all day long.  We focus on comfort first, because after all, an uninhibited model makes for the best images!  Finally, we steer clear of the "cheese" factor.  Our main photographer, Charli, predominantly seeks images that are not your common posing or flat lighting.  She shoots with artistry and that means diving into shadows and recognizing bold positions when they happen naturally.  Fashionable and friendly with a flash of the dramatic.  Check out our stuff today!